Tren Acetate


Potency: 100 mg / 1ml

Dosage: 100 mg EOD

Appearance: Oil based solution

Tren-Acet 100

Tren-Acet 100 is a brand name for Trenbolone Acetate. It is first produced in the 1960’s by Necma Pharma in French. It was very famous in the name Parabolan. Trenbolone is different from Trenbolone Acetate and the original Parabolan was just the esters. Nowaday, Trenbolone has an Acetate esters attached, which is a bit faster form than the original Parabolane. They attached Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester which was a bit slower than the Acetate form today. So Trenbolone is “the king of the injectable steroid”. We hear that very often because of its very strong androgenic and very strong anabolic compound. It is an all rounder.


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